Our Services

I can provide services to repair, refinish, and cane all old-style cane chairs. I live in the Corpus Christi area, but also have a drop-off point in the Waco area for those living further north.

How do I know if I have a "cane-able" chair?

A chair is meant for caning if it has a series of holes around the edge of an open space. The caned part of a chair can be the back, the seat, or both.

What kind of cane do you use?

I only use top-quality cane. Unless you put your foot through the chair, it should hold strong for generations.

What if my chair needs additional work (cracked wood, rickety connections)?

I can arrange for your chair to be repaired at an additional cost. Unless you insist otherwise or unless the chair is already in phenomenal shape, I will also see that your chair is refinished. There is nothing worse than seeing beautiful cane work done on a grimy, dirty chair.

How long does it take to cane a chair?

It really depends on the number of holes and the condition of the chair. Some chairs go quickly, while others take more patience. Once I begin work on a chair, I can usually finish it in about two weeks. Rush jobs are possible, with an additional cost incurred.

How much does it cost?

This again depends on the number of holes and the condition of the chair. Unless the chair is already in excellent repair, expect to spend some money getting the chair back into a good condition. Once the chair is cane-ready, the cost is proportional to the number of holes. I am happy to give estimates.

How is the chair transported?

I can meet you anywhere in the Corpus Christi area to pick up your chair. I also have an associate in the Waco area who can accept chairs as well. Either location is suitable. It is safest not to ship chairs, since they are often delicate until they have been properly restored. Once the chair is completed, we can again meet in a common location to return the chair.