Kramer's Caning Services

A Chair is Love

You may have one in your garage or workshop. You may have seen one in your grandmother's house. One may have called to you at an antique sale.

Cane chairs are beautiful chairs. They are old chairs, chairs with a history.

It is an act of love to bring these chairs back to the condition they once were in. Imagine the stories that this lovely child's rocker would tell.

Taking the time and effort to properly finish a cane chair requires patience and care.

Unfortunately, the art of chair caning is almost lost. A broken cane chair often winds up collecting cobwebs, or worse, taking up landfill space.

I have always been a "crafty" lady, whether it was crochet, petit point, or cake decorating. I was very fortunate to learn how to cane chairs from a crafter from Canada. I must admit that I was immediately hooked. I always feel such a sense of history and love when working with these old chairs.